Autonomous vehicles are just around the corner, which will create a new type of victims in car accidents.



Automotive defect attorney Marc Grossman has been closely following the development of autonomous automobiles.

Marc Grossman

“Poor programming, software glitches, malware, hacking and espionage are all problems associated with self-driving automobiles.”

– Marc Grossman
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It is crucial to know your rights and stay informed.

While manufacturing is moving at a very fast place, only 21 states have self-driving cars legislation
Yes, there have been lawsuits over accidents involving self-driving technologies by General Motors and Tesla. Sanders Phillips Grossman expect these to be the first of many.
Both the car's software and passenger have the power to prevent an accident. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently recognized the software as the driver, hence making the company liable.
If victimized in an accident involving an autonomous vehicle, you could be entitled to compensation for the following: injuries, mental anguish, medical bills, lost wages, vehicle damages, and more.
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